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BOHO COLLECTION | romance set

Price €19.00

This was the first set I had in mind when I knew we were going to add bamboo items to the webshop. A beautiful set with different pretty roller bottles, a dropper bottle for example for a diffuser recipe or serum, and a spray bottle. With the added rose petals, rose quartz chips and rose quartz...

CAR DIFFUSER | gold with...

Price €12.75

A beautiful elegant design! With this car diffuser and your favorite essential oil, you can create the perfect atmosphere in your car. Or you can follow the recipe on the back of the box. Drop a few drops on the stone and place it in the car diffuser. The diffuser can be attached to the...

DISPLAY | Galaxy stardust

Price €21.50

Black with gold glitter / gold leaf, a beautiful combination!Each display is handmade with love and has its own unique pattern. So no two displays are the same.

DISPLAY | standing

Price €17.50

This wooden display has space for 12 bottles, 5ml and 15ml. I think it's perfect for the kitchen, especially for all your oils that you use in the kitchen!