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BOHO COLLECTION | boho chic set

Price €14.50

Do you remember this set, the BOHO CHIC set? It's back! We didn't have this set in the shop for a while, but I thought that the BOHO CHIC set is really a nice addition to the BOHO COLLECTION. With a small adjustment because we now also have bamboo spray tops that fit on roller bottles.

BOHO COLLECTION | bottle set

Price €5.90

2 beautiful bottles with a spray head and a serum pump head. With the serum pump head you can for example, make a nice skin serum. With the spray bottle you can make a linen spray, room spray or a body perfume spray.

BOHO COLLECTION | dropper set

Price €5.45

Dropper bottles are indispensable when using aromatherapy. Whether it's to create a diffuser blend or a delicious skin serum. You always have the perfect size with this BOHO style dropper set.

BOHO COLLECTION | romance set

Price €19.00

This was the first set I had in mind when I knew we were going to add bamboo items to the webshop. A beautiful set with different pretty roller bottles, a dropper bottle for example for a diffuser recipe or serum, and a spray bottle. With the added rose petals, rose quartz chips and rose quartz...


Price €13.90

Breathing, relaxation and wellness are the most common purposes for using essential oils. Let's make some great blends with these custom engraved bamboo roller bottles.